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Blogging 101: Take Control of Your First Impression

*Avoid repeating your site title. Your tagline is a space to share some context on what your site is about. Take advantage of it.
*Keep it short and sweet. Thirty and 40 word taglines leave us breathless. Be concise.
*Be original. Don’t let your blog’s tagline become another in the sea of “musings about thoughts” — make sure it tells us something about you.

I used to love going by the pseudo name – Melody – because I thought my actual name was boring and Melody seemed such a perfect fit – being an audiophile in all. But resurrecting back on the digital screen, typing in the key strokes to spell out “Melody” seems less enticing.

So I renamed it:

City Lights – my new project – and my tagline is : music footprints of a melody.

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Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself to the World
So there are several reasons I wanted to blog again to the world and that’s because I feel that my life stories are too funny not to share. I’m hoping that I connect with other light-hearted, kindred spirits that understand the struggles of everyday life that solve situations with comical procedures. I have two lives: one that deals with the financial industry and one that deals with kids. But the most important part that I wanted to blog about was ride or die friends and family. I would love to connect with anyone honestly because people introduce everything and anything to the table. If I have blogged successfully throughout the next year then I hope to accomplish some writing goals that I had set so long ago.

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1, 2, Step.

If there was time that I could sit and blog about anything it was about 5 years ago when I tried earnestly to do it just to improve how I wrote. In that time, I have created some lifelong friends along with a different network in which what you typed on the screen, rather than outside appearances, was important. 

In that time, I have also learned what is important, what to fight for, and the limitations of my emotions. I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready for those emotions to be written words.