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Project time.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I miss writing mucho! I actually have no idea what to write about but maybe I do have a few projects on the works for the digital world to look out for.

1- Bad Anne comic strip: the bad comic strip is yes of me, yours truly, doing the stuff I actually do in real life and being called out for it. Why would I want to humiliate myself like that? I don’t but to be quite blunt, it’s too damn funny not to share. The series will be up every two weeks? [my parameters haven’t really been cemented in but you know give or take.] It will be only 4 panels, because I don’t think I can draw past that and YEAH, THAT’S ABOUT IT. LOL.

2- ANAN’s. My sister has been craving macaroons and not by any one specific person but the knowledge that you can make your own and then eat all of them is something that has moved her to make them. SO I SAID WHY NOT. Oh the name Anan’s actually came from kinders because they didn’t know how to spell my name LMFAOOO.

3- Boyfriend has been hard at work with his business frat and wanted to do a special clothing line for women. What is it exactly? A clothing line for business women. YES THAT IS RIGHT. CHIQUE PANTSUITS. Like Kerry Washington from Scandal? OMG someone tell me who dresses her because that woman is fly on every episode. The name of the line is called “Caught In” get it? Say it out loud and think of what clothing is made of.

There is one HUGE project that I’m currently trying to figure out what to do but that will take a lot of time to plan so I’ll just keep that under wraps for right now.

two cents. ^_^y