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Hip hop saved my soul.

vietnamese-rapper-suboiPeople often think that hip hop is just music; but to others — it is a movement, a lifestyle, and a culture. One of the premiere queens of hip hop in Southeast Asia – not to mention one of the few Asian woman rappers out there – Suboi raps about life in Vietnam, culture and much more. She was set to debut in the States back in 2014 but was unable to confirm her visa to come here. She finally was able to set the stage with fellow rapper – Awkwafina – and debut her actress skills in the film “Hollow.”

2016 was a creative lull for the rapper but she resurfaced with a dark beat called “Doi” and got international social media attention when President Barack Obama when she was asked to rap for the US President. Suboi not only creates new music waves in a very oppressed country but she challenges the female stereotype on the mic. It reiterates the term that hip hop has also been politically based and can talk about the everyday to the most controversial of issues. With that said, what’s up with the lame, mumbling, wannabe rappers that keep flooding the airwaves?