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Blogging 101: Weekend One

It the excitement is running high and you want to build on the momentum you’ve developed this week, here are a few things to try over the weekend:

-Spend more time in the Reader. Add a few more topics to follow, or check out our Recommended Blogs.
-Download the WordPress app. There are apps for iOS and Android — use them to catch up with blogs you love while you’re waiting for the bus, post photos on the fly, or check in on your stats from anywhere.
-Write another post. We’ll be publishing more posts throughout Blogging 101, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also publish on topics that’ve been on your mind — take the weekend to create something totally independently of Blogging 101.
-Share some love in The Commons. If you haven’t visited yet, we encourage you to pop in; it’s a great space full of supportive bloggers waiting to give you feedback, pats on the back, and pageviews. If you’ve already posted there, take some time to leave feedback and kudos on someone else’s post.

First weekend out blogging wasn’t a very strong start however, I did learn that online shopping is the super evil of evils. It starts when boredom sets in and when significant people are busy with their own lives. You do start to set a rhythm though about what to do like watching your TV shows you secretly watch, and cleaning out your makeup bags [if you’re a girl], and FINALLY organizing all the bills that you had previously made a pretty stack about.

But as they said, the first week is over and a brand new start is about to start again. Let’s blog hard this upcoming week.


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