NanoWrimo Is Being Hard.

Ever tried to write a novel in a month? It’s really, really hard. I can’t believe that I actually tried while in a school semester and what not. But to be fair, in the midst of anger, I actually pulled out some decent writing. 

What is with girls and their over need to hyperventilate over boys? They hyperventilate when it’s good and they hyperventilate when it’s bad. It’s really bad though when they’re in the middle of the parking lot and crying so much that they’re legitimately shaking though. That’s what happened to me. I, Kaylee Yee, the happy-go-lucky, no self control, let the good times roll girl was sobbing. Sobbing on Avery’s pleather shoulder to be exact.

Avery couldn’t believe it. She kept asking why. Why I was crying. I had always been the delirious happy one. So she kept asking why. Why I was crying that hard. The more she asked the more I actually cried.

Me: You know you’re really bad this comfort thing

Avery: You didn’t prepare me for this all! What kind of friend are you?! You’re supposed to tell me that you were even capable of this so I could better equip myself!!!

Me: (mutters) don’t worry about it…

Avery: what!?

Me: (shouts) DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.

Avery: Omg.

She squeezes me tighter.

Avery: I don’t like him for this. Even if you guys get together in the future. Even if he becomes the perfect husband and perfect dad and perfect- WHATEVER. He sucks. Because of this moment he will always suck.

And she just squeezes me even tighter. 


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