Capture: Meeting the famous “Babelpop”

For all those that don’t know, Ms. Babelpop created a site – not too long ago – for bloggers to come on and update articles to 1) gain more traffic 2) so that readers could indulge in K- Entertainment in one hit spot.

I was honored and very excited to meet her in person and we got to digress K-Entertainment, blogs, writing, and her new company – Snapette – over some delicious food. Mmm.

Location: Barracuda Sushi – Castro Street, Mountain View – CA
Me: Sweet Potato Fries – with honey citrus aioli ~ Mango Paradise: crab and avocado roll covered with fresh tuna and mango – creepy wine sauce, tobiko
Babelpop: Jalapeno Poppers – Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno ~ tempura’d with sweet sauce


  1. I’m actually very surprised you met her so long ago! :O What is she doing now? The Babelpop url seems to have been taken over and she does not go on twitter anymore…

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